Scented Jar Candle Botanic Collection

Collection inspired by the healthy and natural lifestyle. Very aromatic fragrances that give a pleasant feeling of well-being and tranquility. We bet on a type of candle, respectful with the environment, with a braided wick of pure cotton and vegetable wax to ensure a clean burn.

- Eucalyptus : Intense notes of eucalyptus with mint and woody notes.
- Saffron Flower : Essence of saffron, bergamot and roses with touches of tonka seeds and cedar wood.
- Mandarin Tea : Combination of citrus fruits such as orange and Mexican lime, with chords of clementine flower and touches of vetiver and white tea.
- Provence Herbs : Powerful blend of Mediterranean aromatic herbs: rosemary, oregano, thyme and basil. Final notes of black pepper and tomato leaves.




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Data sheet

Reference Eucalyptus: 333440.119
Reference Saffron Flower: 333440.120
Reference Mandarin Tea: 333440.121
Reference Provence Herbs: 333440.122

Sizes: 85 x ø60mm
Burning time: 20 hours