Diffuser Duo 100 ML Polynesian Ritual Scent

It is a diffuser with reeds and an air freshener spray at the same time, since it can be used as a spray to instantly accentuate the aroma and then put the sticks to act as a diffuser so the fragrance can be liberated in a continuous way.
It makes any room in our home a more pleasant and fresh place, we can also use it to spray curtains and sheets or in smaller spaces, such as a wardrobes, drawers or luggage.
Inside the box we can find the reeds and the atomizer to be used in the way that we prefer, becoming a great complement, more effective and durable, ideal to decorate and perfume our home.
Sticks should be rotated from time to time, to always have this continued fragrance, inspired by an ancient beauty ritual, which consisted of a massage, followed by a bath among flowers petals. Notes of frangipani, magnolia and talcum powder, reminiscent of the smell of moisturizer.




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Reference: 333420.186
Capacity : 100 ml
Duration : 45 days