The fragrances in our home

A candle is the most elegant way to perfume your home with its fragrance and it always comforts you! Perhaps these rare and uncertain days, you have become fond of lighting candles at home. Now we can, at the same time, fill it with fragrances that contribute to making us feel better. In the hall, in the bathroom, in your work corner, in the living room...

The aroma of our home awakens many emotions and influences how you feel when you are at home, or while enjoying some well-deserved moments of relaxation.

It is also one of the reasons why we feel so comfortable at home and at our friends' homes. For the good feelings that we associate with being in that place and living in the moment. Therefore, choose the fragrance with which you identify and feel good!

At Ceras Roura we offer you a wide range of aromas: floral, woody, spicy, herbal, Mediterranean notes…