ROSE GOLD Collection

There is no better plan for a cold day, than staying at home reading, having a tea with something sweet or watching a movie. The scented candles are essential to complete an autumnal afternoon and create a warm atmosphere.

We present the ROSE GOLD collection, a collection of scented candles composed of a pearl white glass with a silkscreen print of delicate copper-colored floral drawings, and another pearly pale pink glass with silkscreen of subtle gold-colored leaves. Ideal to have your points of light and aroma, creating a relaxed and homely at home.

 The aroma of these candles is a mixture of Violet perfume with Bulgarian rose petals and rich oriental amber chords with a touch of precious woods, an elegant and very persistent fragrance.   Without a perfumed candle you will not achieve that cozy effect that your home needs this autumn and winter.