CHRISTMAS Collection

Surely you are looking for how to surprise those you love most; for Christmas. These dates are the perfect time to have a detail with those who have been with you at any time. We have created this perfect collection to give and illuminate these special days, creating a warm atmosphere.

The CHRISTMAS collection has pleasant and intense Christmas aromas, a mixture of winter flowers such as neroli, roses and jasmine with traces of moss and plum.

Composed by a 50 ml diffuser; a white glass with a golden silkscreen and the message par excellence of these holidays: Merry Christmas! surrounded by Christmas motifs such as holly leaves and another red glass silkscreened with the words of a Christmas song: All I want for Christmas is You, inside some Christmas drawings in the shape of a heart.
The ideal gift for these so familiar parties that we use to decorate any corner of our home perfuming it with the personality of this Christmas perfume so warm and intense.