Recommendations for the correct use of candles

On a candle there are regulations of absolutely essential uses and others that are recommended.

In all our packagings or labels we reflect these regulations of use through some pictograms that are detailed below and we help you to interpret them correctly.

Mandatory Uses:

1- Never leave a candle lit without supervision.
2- Keep the candles away from the reach of children and animals
3- To avoid irregular combustion, dripping or smoke, keep the candle away from drafts, such as open windows, fans or air conditioners. And keep the candles away from curtains or fuel elements.
4- Leave enough space between two burning candles to prevent the heat from melting the other


Recommended Uses:

• Avoid touching a lit candle, especially while the wax is hot and liquid.
• Avoid foreign bodies such as matches or pieces of wicks in the melted wax.
• Candles should be placed in a fixed and straight way so that they can not fall while burning, using heat-resistant and non-flammable candlesticks or glasses.
• To blow out a candle safely, do so with care to avoid dripping or splashing.
• Never use water to blow out a candle because it could cause splashes and then it will be unusable for future occasions.