Ceras Roura is a family business that for 100 years we are dedicated to the manufacture of candles.
The experience and craftsmanship of its founders has been transmitted from generation to generation, until the current company has become a market leader for its automation and professionalism, manufacturing and marketing all kinds of wax candles and accessories.

The founder of Ceras Roura was the Capuchin Father Sebastià Roura in 1912, in the city of Figueres. After returning from missions Caroline Islands (Oceania) , Sebastià began to produce products that were necessary for the development of the Catholic liturgy, such as candles or oil lamps. 
The requests were increasing to the point that his brother Genís Roura had to help him, and here began the dedication to a trade, the one of candlemaker, which has occupied 5 generations of the Roura family for more than 100 years and which continues today.

The profession

It was not until the Middle Ages that the virgin wax was introduced to make candles. Until then oil or sebum was used, because the wax, which gave more light without smoke or bad smells, was much more expensive.
in this way the candlemaker office was born, with a product oriented, at first, only to the most affluent classes and to the religious liturgy.

The candles were made by dipping in the melted wax the wicks hanging from a lathe, as our seal shows. It was the use of molds and the discovery of paraffin in the nineteenth century, -a wax much cheaper than the original-, which extended its use and gave rise to an industry that has never lost its own tradition and know-how its artisanal way.


Today Ceras Roura is the first manufacturer of candles in the country. On the way to leadership we have always been accompanied by a passion for a well done job, as well as the experience and constancy of five generations of the same family.

Like this, critical moments in the continuity of the company have been overcome, such as a civil war and several fires. The same commitment has forged a reputation as a competent and efficient company, which seeks excellence in a quality that we never renounce and in the ability to innovate, which projects our experience into the future.
In addition to the technological advances, it has been, above all, the social changes that have been decisive in the progression of our sector. Over the years, the meaning and use that the consumer has given to the product have changed drastically. Candles have acquired a multi-sensory object status, which  illuminates and perfumes creating pleasant environments.

The experience

We could say that lighting candles today is part of a contemporary ritual of well-being. Overcoming the strictly functional, doing it is an act that is part of our lifestyle.

From the sensoriality of its presence, its light and its aroma, the candles become instruments that evoke sensations, experiences and moods.


We are aware that not everyone distinguishes quality in a candle, nor does it know the importance of choosing the best raw materials and the way to process them, until getting a clean and  high quality combustion that  gives off a delicate and persistent aroma.

But we do know and this is the reason why our candles are of the highest quality. The passion for our craft is at the origin of our success and is the best guarantee for it to remain that way in the future.



The raw materials for the manufacture of our candles are  high quality products to be able to guarantee a good combustion, without smoke, without residues and without bad odors.
We use fully refined paraffin, vegetable oils, the best paraffin-soluble essences, pigment-based dyes and pure cotton bleached wicks.
Ceras Roura is part of the Management Committee of the ASSOCIATION EUROPEAN CANDLE MAKERS, based in Brussels. This organization is made up of the main European candle manufacturers and controls the quality and safety standards provided by the C.E.E. to offer consumers guaranteed products.


- Reception and storage of paraffins and liquid vegetable oils in heat-insulated tanks.
- Preparation of formulations incorporating dyes and perfumes.
- Transformation of the liquid to powder through a process of spraying and cooling on rotary cylinders cooled by water at 4ºC.
- Aspiration of the paraffin powder to press or extrude according to the type of candles to be manufactured.
- The other products are obtained with molding machines, aluminum molds and immersion baths.
- Through coloring or varnishing the final product is finished, which can be perfumed, metallized, etc ...

- Automatic line to fill all kind of containers.
- Finally, after being labeled and boxed, the articles are fitted to go to the warehouse of finished product, refrigerated at 23ºC


It is one of the strengths of our company.
Our design department creates and develops all our catalog items and collaborates with our clients to develop their requests at the level of graphic design, packaging, fragrances etc ..., providing the best technical solutions with the latest market trends. We attend all the fairs in the sector, always looking for the collaboration and specialization of our suppliers.
In our laboratory we make continuous tests of perfumes, dyes and wicks with the appropriate formulations, which guarantee our products with a clean combustion.

Automated and computerized production

Our production lines are fully automated and computerized, with advanced software that ensures the control of productivity, quality and traceability of our products.
We are prepared to produce large series and at the same time we have the necessary flexibility to offer our clients customized lots adapted to their needs.

Quality Politics

Our company has been implementing the quality system for 15 years, based on the UNE-en ISO 9001: 2015.
Ensuring continuous improvement at all levels of the company and the highest quality in our products, production processes and services.
The motivation of the human team is essential to achieve our objectives, aimed at satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers.
The communication with our suppliers is paramount so that they are participants in our policy, establishing the best quality criteria.
Quality, innovation and differentiation are factors that will help us to continue working effectively to maintain the leadership of our company in the future.